To all my followers in San Diego. Awesome Underground next Saturday in the Southbay area. Got awesome decorations, awesome djs, firepoi, and a lot more of surprises. 5$ pre sales, 10$ at the door, 9pm-6am Info line will be up day of event.

Life on earth is full of pain, struggles, and suffering. Hypnotized by an illusion upon fake “currency that grants happiness and well being”. Follow the ways of the stock market and live a life with blindfolds. Living in crowded population hoarding with human waste and pollution (including human feces). Remember we share one birth place, one home, and one grave. Conserve the land that we owe to the future spirits and spread the knowledge to the blind and weak. What does all the pain and misery on earth come down to? Making our brothers and sisters stronger and wiser to prevent a wasted gift and enjoy the one true treasure given to us at birth. Life.

I think it’s kicking in