Psilocybin for the brain tonight.

Just bought this. Can’t wait to get started on it!

Feed the mind, what the mind wants.


Stereo Hearts by Epiic

Lysergic acid diethylamide, Pure cocaine, Jack daniels, PERFECTION !

Best drug mix ever !!!!! 
have never felt so alive, so pure, so full of joy, where my heart can stop beating, drug life at a conclusion, people running and screaming at the passe of a vibe, surrounding of pure peaceful vibes like joy on a Christmas eve, kids jump up and down awaiting a new beginning of peace and understanding within worlds. purity flowing like a new beginning towards the beat of modern music and its message, the new birth of modern hippie era !!! 
i am a modern hippie ill call myself a hippie because that is what i am. nothing more nothing less  i’M A DAM HIPPIE WITH A GOAL IN LIFE TO JUST BE SOMEONE JUST LIKE VERY OTHER FOOL THAT IS A LIVE ORGANISMS. life has been so pure and free without drugs. but sometimes drugs end to remind us that we are free of are surroundings as if we where old mammals the peak of drops if it was a worthless peace of flesh through the screams of life it must be shown !!! 

the drug couture has improved me and will improve many other life’s at a safe and responsible range, no drug can be underestimated as a fun fracture when in full on reality it is a over overwhelming point of view of life where done has seen no life, where air is no longer co stagnant, where life is no longer life, life is just a sublimation massage in all worlds and forever will be ones will, truly understand peace , love, harmony and respect around this small little peace of rock we call home! ever understand life and is the way that should and forever be capt, weapons can be determined if one wanted to. Thus, conclusion of a free environment like on has stared before !  ! 
- A hippie from 2012 modern aged peace maker with a PLUR mentality!

— Abel Garcia !  

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Just another Cocaine Cowboy 


10 points to who can guess what this is… :)

What is your drug of choice or favorite drug you have ever done?

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